I love using my hands and brain in a lot of projects. Currently I live and work in New York City, enthusiastic about Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies. With PandoraReality.com, we develop AR experiences for mobile devices and Hololens. We also develop VR experiences for Google Cardboard, Oculus, Gear VR, HTC Vive. Can’t wait to start playing on Magic Leap and Meta 2.
With KabaQ.io(Glimpse Group), we 3D scan food items and present them through augmented reality technology

February 14 2016
Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Augmented Reality for Real Estate

AR Architecture Model for Real Estate Sales Offices

Augmented reality solution for architects and real estate developments. With augmented reality technology we offer a better solution then a physical model in real estate sales offices.

Physical models are expensive, takes time to build and hard to transfer at the end of the day your client don’t get enough understanding about your project just by the model.

Besides having this technology in your sales office, your clients can download our application and have the same experience in their own apartment.

Augmented reality architectural model is interactive, mobile, cheaper to invest and faster to build. We use the 3d file you already build and process it, it usually takes 10 days to launch projects.