I love using my hands and brain in a lot of projects. Currently I live and work in New York City, enthusiastic about Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies. With PandoraReality.com, we develop AR experiences for mobile devices and Hololens. We also develop VR experiences for Google Cardboard, Oculus, Gear VR, HTC Vive. Can’t wait to start playing on Magic Leap and Meta 2.
With KabaQ.io(Glimpse Group), we 3D scan food items and present them through augmented reality technology

September 23 2015

Augmented Reality for real estate developments

With adoption of agriculture, human race had a decisive step toward a better life. Instead of hunter-gatherer ancestors, agriculture is an efficient way to get more food for less work(also less dangerous). New life style of human, needed a shelter to protect their family from animals and weather conditions.

Over time, people needed new and better living spaces. Related to this need architecture and construction are still one of the most important  professions. With the introduction of computerized systems, architects  have developed new techniques for designing and building. But, as projects get more complicated, known presentation techniques become inadequate. We grew up watching Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and many more using holograms to communicate and present objects in the real World. It is 2015 and architects still use 2D screen shot images to present their extremely detailed 3D model on computers.

This idea fired our imagination and we have created a tool to help people, visualizing their ideas, by creating new ways of presenting.

We have developed an innovative and mobile way to present your building using Virtual 3-D modeling(Augmented Reality Technology). Instead of a costly and immobile physical architectural model, you can present your building on a regular piece of paper using any mobile device. Additionally, you can simply use the buttons on your screen to switch between exterior view, interior view, different floors and amenity areas. With usage of light we create Day/Night effects which you can’t really generate in a physical architectural model.


Process is easy, we only need 3-D drawings for your model. Your architectural presenting tool will be ready between 2-5 working days. We can also help with drawing 3D Models, rendering images, video renders. Our experienced architects and designers will help you build your model from scratch.


For more information please e-mail me at alper@arpandora.com