I love using my hands and brain in a lot of projects. Currently I live and work in New York City, enthusiastic about Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies. With PandoraReality.com, we develop AR experiences for mobile devices and Hololens. We also develop VR experiences for Google Cardboard, Oculus, Gear VR, HTC Vive. Can’t wait to start playing on Magic Leap and Meta 2.
With KabaQ.io(Glimpse Group), we 3D scan food items and present them through augmented reality technology

October 02 2015
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality yesterday and today

Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along and change the market. As Apple did in design and technology, Spotify in music, Starbucks in coffee and many more. Most of these game changers were not the industry leaders in their respective markets, what is more, when a game changer comes into a play, the huge Titanic in business crashes in to an iceberg. Few examples can be Kodak, Nokia and Blackberry. They couldn’t see the upcoming technology evolution and were far late to change their direction or not fast enough to adapt technological innovations.

A really good example from Guy Kawasaki is about ice harvesting; though the introduction of technology was clearly a disruptive force in the ice industry, Kawasaki notes that throughout each generation of the ice industry — ice harvesting, ice factories, and refrigerators — very few businesses ever went from ice harvester to ice factory to refrigerator. Instead, most businesses which started as ice harvesters only innovated within the ice harvester curve, defining their business as ice harvesting and dying as ice harvesters. Those in the ice factory business ultimately suffered the same fate when refrigerators came along because they were too busy innovating within their curve instead of beyond their curve. If you are interested you can read more.

I believe augmented reality (AR) will have a big impact on our lives in the coming 5 years. Below, the cycle shows the technology hype for augmented reality. In the early stages of augmented reality, futuristic technology experts published some videos about how and where the AR is going to be used. People get so excited that they wanted the technology right away. But in 2008 the technology was just a crawling baby. So in time, people started to lose interest in augmented reality. However, after 2012 we started seeing some real life projects with improvements on mobile devices which made it possible for innovations in augmented reality technology.

Now we are in the edge of a market changing era for augmented reality. Starting from 2016 I believe we will see augmented reality in all aspects of life.
augmented reality hype cycle


Why I started working on Augmented reality?

I am a software engineer and I worked in the geeky side of businesses. I can imagine or visualize a whole eco-system working in my mind. But I have no clue how an empty space will look after people decorate it. When you have a great product or a service in your mind, you want to be able to show it to the whole World.. Your options are taking pictures, videos or preparing physical models for their product. 

After I have discovered augmented reality, I thought techniques, we have been using are inadequate. With the help of augmented reality, I can help people in visualizing their ideas by creating new ways of presenting.

With the help of your mobile device you can create an enhanced version of reality to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed.

Please find two examples below; 

Pandora ARchitect provides an innovative and mobile way to present your building using Virtual 3-D modeling(Augmented Reality Technology). Instead of a costly and immobile physical architectural model, you can present your building on a regular piece of paper using any mobile device. Additionally, you can simply use the buttons on your screen to switch between exterior view, interior view, different floors and amenity areas. With usage of light we create Day/Night effects, which you can’t really generate in a physical architectural model.


For furniture companies, Pandora’s solution offers an upgraded spec sheet technology. Customers can see a 3D Model of the furniture on their spec sheets and choose from the available color and other options. Also they can also place the spec sheet on the floor and see their furniture in actual size. Pandora’s unique technology provides full detail on the texture and finish.