I love using my hands and brain in a lot of projects. Currently I live and work in New York City, enthusiastic about Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies. With PandoraReality.com, we develop AR experiences for mobile devices and Hololens. We also develop VR experiences for Google Cardboard, Oculus, Gear VR, HTC Vive. Can’t wait to start playing on Magic Leap and Meta 2.
With KabaQ.io(Glimpse Group), we 3D scan food items and present them through augmented reality technology

April 25 2016
Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/Virtual Reality Augmented Reality for Real Estate

Using Augmented and Virtual Reality in Real Estate Sales

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming more popular. In time, we will use it in our daily lives and countless markets will have different VR and AR applications. Many companies that have started investing in VR and AR are taking a big bet on this exciting new technology without knowing how it will generate revenue for them.

I think Real Estate and Architecture will one of the key industries that will adopt and benefit VR and AR sooner than most markets. I will show you available and upcoming technologies for real estate sales;

When it comes to buying or renting an apartment, you bring down hundreds of options to 20-25 and start visiting the units. But usually half of the options doesn’t make sense when you really visit the apartment. VR and AR can help you eliminate those options that won’t make sense for you. Please find different solutions for different types of buildings;

Residential building | Development Status: Complete | Furnished: No

Furnished apartments sell faster, that’s a fact. Instead of physically furnishing the units we help realtors to virtually furnish their spaces.


virtual real estate staging


virtual home staging


We can even furnish the units in virtual reality, click here on your mobile phone and look around


Residential or Commercial building | Development Status: Not Complete

For many new developments, developers start selling as soon they have a sales office and an architectural model. But in our increasingly digital world, these physical models can be more of a curse than a blessing for brokers on the go.

Instead of a physical model in your sales office, Augmented Reality technology offers much more visualization and information. Please watch below video to understand how you can use augmented reality in real estate.

On the next level using virtual reality in real estate, your clients can walk through and interact with a computer-simulated reality and artificially creates sensory experiences like sight and sound. In other words, it’s like being transported to another place entirely and being able to walk around.


One last service is to see an upcoming building in the scene. You can see the upcoming Freedom Tower 2 in the scene here

Residential or Commercial building | Development Status: Complete | Furnished: Yes

If the unit is built and  furnished, the process is pretty easy to use VR or 360 view. We provide Matterport 3D scanning and 360 Photography.

Example From Matterport

360 Photography

360 Photography, as you use google street view, you can embed your 360 photos and link them together.




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