I love using my hands and brain in a lot of projects. Currently I live and work in New York City, enthusiastic about Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies. With PandoraReality.com, we develop AR experiences for mobile devices and Hololens. We also develop VR experiences for Google Cardboard, Oculus, Gear VR, HTC Vive. Can’t wait to start playing on Magic Leap and Meta 2.
With KabaQ.io(Glimpse Group), we 3D scan food items and present them through augmented reality technology

September 04 2014

Work Experience

Experience on below systems and the integrations;

CRM: SalesForce, Prosperworks, Storis, Turk Telekom XDSL, E-Commerce: Magento, Shopify, Email Marketing Automation: Emarsys, Reporting Tool: Ubiq, Excel, Web Site: WordPress, Chat: Zopim, Customer Service: ZenDesk, Pacs Medical Imaging: Meddata Pacs Project Management: Microsoft Project, Process Management: Microsoft Visio, Lucid Charts SQL: Google Cloud MySQL, SQL Manager: Navicat

Integration Experience: Salesforce with Quickbooks, Salesforce with Magento, Storis – Google Cloud My SQL with Ubiq Reporting System, Magento with Emarsys, Magento with Zopim,

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Story telling;


My interest on computers started with a black-white MS-DOS screen. Since then, I have attained a BS in Software Engineering at IEU, Turkey and studied for Software Management at Middle East Technical University.

My first milestone was my internship at a Medical CRM System company Meddata founded by my grand cousin Mr. Sait Sari back in Ankara. Mr. Sari is a Medical Doctor but coded Medical CRM system with his passion for Computer Science. Now he owns one of the largest customers based in Medical CRM Systems in Turkey. I watched him coding Pacs Medical Imaging system for one of his clients which inspired me a lot and also as a leader.

Right after my internship, I was ready to launch my first project, which I did by with the help of Children Development Specialist, Ms. Gulsum who was working in my Father’s Pediatric Clinic. She was applying the Denver Children Development Test to monitor children development and she saw an opportunity to create a software project on it. I worked with her to understand the needs and started coding. In three months’ time, I sold the project to Hacettepe University, Medical Faculty. I also tried to sell the system to Denver University where the test was founded, but could not close the distance bridge in those days.

After meeting a bunch of children development specialists, I established my first company Yonga Yazilim. I made some connections for Pre-School owners and thus developed a small size CRM for pre-schools and sold it to couple of kindergartens.

Right out of college without any regular experience, managing a company and earning enough was hard so I decided to work for a company. I found a job at Turkey’s incumbent operator Turk Telekom’s Wholesale Department. At the beginning, having no a clue on what Wholesale meant in Telecommunications, I strived night and day and had three great years designing and implementing new projects like ISP Migrations, Naked DSL with number portability and Naked DSL on Turk Telekom’s Wholesale Order Management System (6 Million customer base). I also completed all courses on Software Management Master’s Program at METU.

Working three years in the Wholesale Department as a Business Analyst, I met a lot of people from Turk Telekom, other Internet Service Providers and Regulator Authorities. I wanted to extend my experience with an internet service provider and so I jumped over to Turkcell Superonline and relocated to Istanbul.

At Turk Telekom, I was trying to design systems for 10 internet service providers. I always revered the good name of Turk Telekom and tried to obey the rules of Regulatory Authorities. I had less in my mind on how the processes were affecting customers using it. After switching to Turkcell Superonline, I start using my own designed processes to manage customers. At that moment I realized that, unlike in the Turk Telekom family, we did not focus enough on customers and their needs or on any of the process. I had a great time and improved myself a lot at Turkcell Superonline. Mr. Levend Aktas & Ms.Ilknur Acar two great mentors and leaders inspired me a lot.

One day, I met with Mr.Efe Kababulut and he convinced to come to NYC and in a couple of days! The rest is now history.



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